Charter a Citation XLS+ - Private Jet Charter

The Citation XLS+ is an updated version of the popular Citation XL/XLS, and one of the selected aircraft available with our Midsize Jet Card.

Overview Summary

The Citation XLS+ is the newest and most advanced iteration of Cessna's medium jet mainstay. It features updated engines, interior and avionics to ensure passengers are carried in the height of comfort for flights of up to 5 hours.


  • Entertainment options and individual seat monitors
  • Remote cabin temperature controller
  • Fully articulating and tracking seats
  • Rosenview Moving Map cabin display system

Comfort & Size

The Citation XLS+ interior features two sets of club four seating arrangements, in a spacious and modern cabin.There are advanced entertainment options and cabin control mechanisms, and the aircraft has a separate lavatory and full refreshment area.


ModelCitation XLS+
ClassificationMidsize Jet
Speed430 kts
Range2000 nm
Luggage Capacity90 cu.ft.
Interior Height1.65 m
Interior Width1.7 m