Private Jet Services

Private Jet Charter offers flexibility, efficiency, security and comfort.
PrivateFly is committed to offering the very best customer service, no matter which private jet operator you choose to fly with, you're assured of the very best care and attention.

Flight Services

Your Time
Private aviation lets you choose flight schedule and routes.
Private Jet Schedules

Your Privacy
Fly in private, travel through exclusive private jet terminals.
Private Flights

Your Pleasure
PrivateFly offers bespoke customer service for every private flight.Customer Service

Your Safety
All PrivateFly private jet operators are accredited with AOC licenses.
Flight Safety

On Board
You choose the catering, entertainment or other on board services. 
On Board a Private Jet

Ground Services
Enjoy seamless travel from your driveway to the runway.
Ground Services

De-icing Private Jets
How to de-ice a private jet for winter flights and de-icing waivers.

Private Jet Catering
What are your menu choices for on board catering? 
Private Jet Catering

Italian Luxury Tax
The Italian Parliament approved a Luxury Tax on business jets and helicopters - see how it can affect your charter costs.
Italian Luxury Tax

Private Jets Online

Private Jet Numbers
Facts and figures about private jets and private flights.
Private Jets in Numbers

PrivateFly Pricing
Instant Private Jet prices online & compare the private jet hire market.Private Jet Hire Prices

Business Travel
Receive your free copy of the White Paper on Business Leaders Travel.
Travel White Paper

Fractional Ownership, Jet Cards or Charter?
Compare fractional ownership with jet cards and private jet charter.
Fly by Private Jet

Private Airports
Discover Europe's most popular private jet airports.
Private Jet Airports

Private Aviation Surveys
PrivateFly has conducted surveys on business travel habits, private airports and private jet operators.
PrivateFly Surveys

PrivateFly Services

PrivateFly offers private aircraft charter, prices shown represent the price for the hire of the whole aircraft, unless otherwise indicated.

PrivateFly can help with private flight charter prices, air charter servicesbusiness jet hireexecutive jet charter, and private air charter.

If you are a Personal Assistant, Executive Assistant or PA we offer a specific Private Jet Hire Service for PAs.

For more information on our services or for a personalised private jet quote please contact us or call +44 (0)20 7100 6960.

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